Monday, July 29, 2013

One Year and Counting - Anniversary Party!

This time last year, there were rumors swirling around Naperville of a man, known for doing amazing things with old, dusty objects, who was opening a shop in the downtown area. Those in the know told tales of dilapidated dressers, mirrors, and tables revitalized with just a spray can and this man's ability to accessorize them into realizing their full potential.  Excitement mounted as signs went up at 232 S. Washington announcing the Grand Opening of Room 363, confirming this man was no urban legend.

Slowly the adorable yellow storefront on Washington transformed from something that looked deserted into a welcoming courtyard foretelling of great things to come inside. 

Finally, on August 16, 2012, the doors opened to the public for the first time and we were introduced to Mark Norkaitis and his lovely vision.  Customers piled in that first warm summer night, immediately falling in love with the uniqueness of his finds and ability to display them in creative ways.  We may not have known what that vintage farm object was used for exactly, but we knew we needed it and we'd trip our friend to get to it first.

Over the next 12 months, Mark threw every bit of energy and every waking minute he had into keeping his store special and a place that Naperville could be proud of.  The courtyard has been a constant rotation of seasonal displays and is, for many, a highlight to a trip downtown. 

To celebrate this year of building not only a business but lasting friendships, Mark is throwing a one year anniversary celebration.  The store will be closed Thursday, August 15 and will reopen Friday, August 16 at 5pm.  Come celebrate and enjoy the live music, food, drinks and special sales as he unveils a new look and introduces fall and Halloween decor.  

Mark your calendars!  I hope to see you there!