Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Merra Lee Remodel almost DONE!

It started off as a crazy week but its finally coming along! 
The colors on the walls came out great.

My favorite thing I found in the attic of one of the Merra Lee store's 
was four vintage disco balls......

I have been meeting some really great people with this 
job that I have taken on. Next week should 
be the last week with the store renovation. 

Below are some photo's..... 

In my spare time..... Ya I wish I had spare time.....
 I started adding spring to 
the Denim loft.. Take  a look at the gazebo I just put up.  I have had this gazebo since 
I was 12.   It was set up in my grandmas back yard for years then in storage. 
I'm really happy that I get to have it set up in the store. 

I will be selling at Kane County next weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Merra Lee Remodel

Happy Monday!!! Mondays are my down time as I work the Denim Loft store in Geneva. So you can watch for my new post on Mondays!

I have been asked to remodel the Merra Lee store in downtown Geneva! It has turned into a big job! 
Its amazing all the old things that where hiding in the basement for me to use for this space.. I have some  friends that would go crazy for theses dress forms that where down there! 

Today finally feels like things are getting accomplished! The contractor
finishing taking the last wall out the window to make the store look more open. 
The electrician came in and hung the black crystal chandelier 
above the new entry way table I added that was hiding 
in the BASEMENT! 

The colors I have chosen for the store are.....
 ( gray tones with black and a touch of blue)

Painters start Wednesday! 

My goal is to remove as much clothing off the walls and add more furniture elements 
to accommodate the clothing... 

Below are a few before photos, in the next week  this should be accomplished!

Have a great week!



Just wanted to share how cool I thought this was in a store in Woodstock...

Just one more P.SS....
You could  have a chance to win this table I 
painted for the 
Nada Farm sale!

Monday, February 7, 2011

My New BLOG!

Welcome to my blog. Below are some photos of the store I'm apart of in geneva.......