Saturday, March 31, 2012


Here are a few photos of today's Flea!

We had a great first day! 

Sold lots!!!! Traci and I will have more new stock out tomorrow! 

Come check out the Gazebo! 

Tomorrow 7-4pm 

Kane County Flea


Kane county flea

Here I come!

Come see my great display today at the Kane County Flea Market!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Flea Market weekend!

Come see Traci and I this weekend!

We will be set up in the middle of the  
Rabbit building!

We have some really cool stuff this month!

sneak peek! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

While you where out.....

So my good friend from my previous post 
was on vacation and gave me  free range to redo her master bedroom. 

This was the coolest project I've done so far!
I was in complete control without having to get ok's from the client!

My biggest fear of doing this projects was adding a accent wall!

She not into color.......

Some little bird had tweeted she was getting a purple room! 

I did not get a pretty tex message that day ;( 

 But when your told purple, your mind comes up with crazy ideas! 

I chose to add a little modern accents to the historic home, animal mounts, framing.... 

The chandelier and chase are my favorite! 

Gray crystals!!! 
And vintage! 

I'm kicking myself for not keeping before photos of chase!

My  upholstery guy did a amazing job! 
I had him add the tufting. 

Ya think I need to paint the legs! 

When she arrived home Monday Ive never seen her so happy! 
She LOVED it! 
 And the Color!!!!

Vintage coat rack that was lined with fabric. 
Replaced with a mirror. 

I Changed up the downstairs a little to.
Just added few pops of spring! 

I think my favorite is the fireplace...

These tulips look so real! 
I got them at Michael's craft store! 

This arraignment for the kitchen.
Cant wait to start this project next!

Thinking Blue accent walls!!

(Just kidding!!!)

I'm going to be starting a lake house soon with my Friend! 
Comes with a boat house! 
Going to look very cozy!

Traci And I will be selling in the middle of the rabbit building this weekend 
at Kane county Flea!