Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elkhorn Flea Market

I finally made it to the Elkhorn 
this year! 

With the weather crappy in May, I decided not to go. 

I'm trying to collect mountings! 
I wanted him so bad but was 
a little too pricey! 

I swear Denise from Denise's can never 
stop buying! She always on the hunt!!

Janice got this really great cup! You go Janice! 

This is a really great flea market, 
there is just something for everyone here. 

I thought these vintage flower box seeds where 
really cool. 

I'm a sucker for chandeliers! 
Check these cool vintage ones.... 
Never seen any like this! 

Enjoy  the rest of the photos! 

I will be selling at Kane County Flea Market this weekend 
in the poultry shed with Tracy!

let me know if you going.