Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dinner Party?

I did some changing today
in the Denim Loft!
How would you like to have a dinner party at this table??

I will have better photos this week,
 was excited and only had my Iphone,

thanks, Mark

Monday, July 25, 2011

Closed Giveaway....


Sometimes its just nice to 
sit and ketch up on some of your 
favorite magazines.. 

From time to time I try 
to sit out on the porch at night before its dark 
and ketch up on magazines.... 
But still have not had a chance this year. 

Like this locker basket 
I have three of them full waiting for me to read!!! 

I thought I offer a gift.
Take a night and rest with a few of my favorite

Leave a comment and Sunday at midnight 
the drawing will end.

Good luck I hope a special
reader wins the giveaway!

Vintage locker basket and all included..

Just wanted to say a big thank you 
to all my readers and followers! 


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My aunt's home

 My aunt Sonja was the one who
I spent many summers with junking and flea marketing.

She was the mother in my life that I never had, along with aunt Sue and Lynette.
She taught me many things with painting and fixing things. 

But the hand painting I could never get!  

Her and I would always go out finding cool vintage
furniture and fix it up and sell to many stores.

If it was not for her I don't know if I be into this!

I love the way her house looks!


Monday, July 11, 2011

French Hens

This Saturday was 
the 2nd French Hens Market.

There where many dealers again! 
The show was really nice and the weather was great! 
You get a really good feeling every time your in Morris.. 
Its a happy little town.. 
Great food, amazing stores,
and friendly people... 

Check back later this week and see my photos of the new shop
that just opened up down town!