Friday, July 8, 2011

Room 363

So a lot of people ask whats up with 

My grandmother had adopted me at 
the age of seven. 

My mother was not a good mother and I never really had 
a home. 
We would travel everywhere.
She was always on the 
My grandmother found  my sister and I in 
Florida after hurricane Andrew.. She sent for us right 
away and adopted us...

My Grandmother was the one 
who raised me and taught me to be the good guy 
I am today.. If it was not for her 
who knows where I be now...

So as you can see 363 was our house address... 

Thanks Grandma love you and miss you!
photo of my cousin, grandmother and I.


  1. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your story Mark. Your grandmother did a wonderful job.

  2. Thank God you had your grandmother. As Rosemary mentioned, she did a wonderful job.

  3. O.k, I am follower 66. I really like your blog and it looks like you know a lot of great shops. Not mention that was heart felt about your grandmother.

  4. You are very talented and your blog is my new favorite! How blessed you were to have your grandmother in your life--my grandma was my favorite person on earth and I'm trying to be the same now for my granddaughter--thank you for sharing and the inspiration!

  5. What a heart wrenching story Mark....I was practically raised by my granparents too - in the early years - so cool to know the history of 363 -
    p.s. do you want some help with your blogger header still?? I'll do it for you...

  6. Oh. This is a wonderful story. Loved the photos, too. Thank you for sharing. I have to go find my Kleenex box now. Cheers, Kathy

  7. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story. What a blessing Mark to have had that Grandmother in your life. You are who you are because of her, that is great, because you sound like a very nice and gifted young man.
    I grew up in Chicago and I now live in Miami, so I now Andew. So glad she got you guys.