Monday, July 25, 2011

Closed Giveaway....


Sometimes its just nice to 
sit and ketch up on some of your 
favorite magazines.. 

From time to time I try 
to sit out on the porch at night before its dark 
and ketch up on magazines.... 
But still have not had a chance this year. 

Like this locker basket 
I have three of them full waiting for me to read!!! 

I thought I offer a gift.
Take a night and rest with a few of my favorite

Leave a comment and Sunday at midnight 
the drawing will end.

Good luck I hope a special
reader wins the giveaway!

Vintage locker basket and all included..

Just wanted to say a big thank you 
to all my readers and followers! 



  1. Hi Mark, I am a new follower and I love what you have put into that basket! You really need to take time to sit on your porch and enjoy the end of the day! Love your blog site!

  2. Pick Me! Pick Me! I'm a mag addict, and I love that locker basket. I'm an earlier follower, but you already know that.

  3. Love your romantic, rustic, industrial look. What girl would pass up a chance to browse any home decor mag and sip on a glass of wine.Not me. Thanks for sharing your talented gifts .

  4. What a great giveaway! I have been wanting some locker baskets and as soon as I decided what I wanted to do with them, I can't find any! I could so sneak off with this one to a corner of the porch and get lost for an hour or 6!

  5. What a great giveaway and being the magazine junky that I am this would be nice to win. Thanks for the chance, Theresa

  6. This is such a wonderful chance to win something really really great. I love the basket and every item in it. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  7. Love the giveaway. I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up!

  8. Mark, what a great idea! Put my name in the hat! I have just the porch swing for an afternoon magazine marathon! Julie Jones

  9. I am really glad that I happened across your blog. Not just because of the wonderful giveaway, but because I am loving your style and enjoyed looking through several pages of your archives. Thank you for the opportunity to win this very thoughtful gift. Have a wonderful week! Twyla

  10. I just found your blog from my sister's site...juliejayne and I love it! I could sit for hours and look at all your great photos and ideas, thanks! The basket giveaway is a generous gift between friends, blessings to you Ü !

  11. Mark
    I am new to your blog . Love it. I bought a cabinet from you at Kane County Fair. I also got your keys in the deal. Sorry, anyway you should see the piece now. Red looks great in my cabin kitchen. Any ideas on how to polish the enamal top?

  12. Hi Mark- Love your style!! I follow your blog and you have some great ideas along with Tracy at Whimsy!! Hope to see you at Kane C!!
    Lots of Love always!
    Susan P