Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dinner Party?

I did some changing today
in the Denim Loft!
How would you like to have a dinner party at this table??

I will have better photos this week,
 was excited and only had my Iphone,

thanks, Mark


  1. I love the rustic look of it and especially the ladder with the tiny lights!! This looks so cozy and fun!

  2. It has a great feel to it Mark. Hmmmm, don't know if I'd want that animal looking at me while I eat though. lol

  3. That is great; I've never been to Little Bohemia but that's the 'feeling' that comes to mind when I envision what it must have been like back in the day...rustic, comfy and a little on the wild side!


  4. I like the table. I like rustic and chunky. the upholstered queen anne chairs just add a touch of elegance to it all. Cute centerpiece with the boots!

  5. Hello, Mark! Thank you so much for visiting our Retreat Style blog, leaving SUCH a nice comment, and adding us to your blogroll! We came to visit you and tell you that we're adding YOU to our blogroll and are your newest followers ;0) You have GREAT style!!!

    Bob & Deb Kennedy
    Retreat Vintage Market
    Camano Island, Washington

  6. I live in St Louis but my parents live outside of Geneva (La Salle County) so whenever I'm home, we try to visit Geneva. It's a must see for sure. I was at the Denim Loft about a month ago or so and while I love the clothes I have to say I love the way you decorated the store. I wanted to buy everything--even things that probably werent for sale. No offense at all to the owners but you make that store shine.

    I really enjoyed looking around.