Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Flea..

This Saturday will be 
I love this town there are many great stores 
to visit when you go! 
Its totally worth the drive... 
You get to shop the market and visit the 
great shops in Morris......

Traci store! 
There soooooo many things to look at in her shop! 
I love the setting and feeling you get when your in 
there. It makes you want to redecorate a room! 

 Look at Traci hard at work!!

a few doors down from Traci store is...

Her store is very cool, it has a something for every one! 
She has an eye for picking out her merchandise! 
You also can bye clothing! 

There also another store called 
Dealers rent out spaces...

If you ever go to Morris you got to stop and have lunch at the tea room! 
look how amazing it is!

Sorry was not able to get to all the stores and gather photos!!

Hope you can make it out and 
check out the shops!!



  1. Wow! That's a lot of eye candy. Thanks for the tour Mark. Knock em dead at the show!

  2. Road-trip worthy...have to put Morris on 'the list' for sure!

    I'm sure you'll have a fab show - enjoy!


  3. Seriously Mark do you insist on putting pictures of me on your blog - heh!! See you bright and early (5am) on Saturday!!

  4. It's no my fault Traci the camera loves you!!! ;) see you 5am on Sunday too!!!