Monday, July 4, 2011

Kane Weekend

This was one hot July weekend! 

I might not be alive after Traci see these photos
with her in them....

I was told I be dead if I posted them!

Waking up Saturday morning  at 4:30am and its already hot out,
you know your in for it the rest of the day!

I think it was way over 100 degrees 
in our barn and fans did not help! 

 I thought it was going to be a slow day, 
but the people still came! 
It ended up be a good crowd for the whole weekend. 

Sunday morning also had a quite few more shoppers 
then normal. 

 The baby bed I got at a flea market last weekend I turned into a 
day bed! 
I think it looked amazing! 

For some reason I have 
a thing with getting beds! Why I don't know 
but I'm up too 5 of them. 
I wish it was that easy with the lady's... 
Hey at least I'm not like one of my Friends that has a thing 
for couches.... 

I came up with a really great idea to have the bed set up and display 
off it! 

The bed sold it right away! 

But then Sunday morning I found another 
bed at the show!
 So now I'm back to 5.

 Aren't the these cubbies amazing! 
Traci had these! 
A great new customer bought them along with the locker baskets and industrial cart! 
Check out her blog its really cool! 

 There Traci again! lol Sorry Traci

Our Friend Polly set up right across from us! 
She also had some really amazing things! 
I got an amazing vintage cow print  from Polly
that's going to be in Fifi's new book!

My car keys where sold in a 
cabinet this weekend... 
If you bought a cabinet please 
can you check to see if there in there. 


 We will be set up Saturday at the 
french market in Morris! 


Thanks Traci and parents
for a great show this 


  1. Wow! You've got the stuff, girl! If I'd been there, you might not have been able to get rid of me. Looking at the pictures, I just wanted to "waller" in it all. A feast for the eyes for sure.

  2. You are sooooo dead. lol Traci looked just fine, and your booth looked incredible as always. I was glad I had a chance to visit and take it all in. You're a talented pair.

  3. Why in the world don't you guys come to the big show is Texas! You would love it and you would do great! Come one time and you will be hooked!

  4. Be still my heart, oh my freakin' goodness!!!
    I'm with TOT, get yourselves to Texas ASAP.

  5. with a booth like this, no wonder they came ....

    "if Mark buys it they will come ..."

  6. p.s.
    duh, Mark ... not sure why you weren't on my favorite ... adding you now

  7. you really need to write a're amazing!