Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elkhorn Flea Market

I finally made it to the Elkhorn 
this year! 

With the weather crappy in May, I decided not to go. 

I'm trying to collect mountings! 
I wanted him so bad but was 
a little too pricey! 

I swear Denise from Denise's can never 
stop buying! She always on the hunt!!

Janice got this really great cup! You go Janice! 

This is a really great flea market, 
there is just something for everyone here. 

I thought these vintage flower box seeds where 
really cool. 

I'm a sucker for chandeliers! 
Check these cool vintage ones.... 
Never seen any like this! 

Enjoy  the rest of the photos! 

I will be selling at Kane County Flea Market this weekend 
in the poultry shed with Tracy!

let me know if you going. 



  1. I'm cryin' my eyes out here in NJ ... with SERIOUS flea market envy!! That has got to be the BESTEST collection of STUFF I have ever seen at a flea ... SERIOUSLY ... I would need a million bucks to buy EVERYTHING!! ... thanks for the awesome tour ... one day I'd like to hit that flea ; )


  2. Wow Mark, wish we'd had time to SHOP Elkhorn...we didn't get to leave our booth much and didn't see all that great stuff in your pics. Thanks for including us in your overview.
    Have fun at Kane; can't wait to see the pics of YOUR booth!


  3. Wishing my Vegas trip hadn't been during this great show! I may have spent too much so maybe it was best not to go!! Grat pics - who is the jewelry vendor with the neat cuffs???

  4. I really enjoyed your pictures. I don't live very far from Elkhorn, I will be checking out the next one!

  5. Great pictures Mark... Maybe I'll see you at Kane. I am gonna try and go before I open the shop at noon.

  6. Wow Mark.... I am now sick that I did not make it to Elkhorn. My friend said it was great, but your pics made me so mad at myself for not getting there!!!!
    I swear I know the woman shopping in your photos too.. i cannot remember her name but if it is who i think it is.... she used to have a shop in Bartlett and it was this cute little cottage house and I bought TONS from her before sshe moved her business to..... was it Geneva, IL>???

    Let me know.
    Great post!
    Have a wonderful July 4th weekend.

  7. Wow! That looks like a great place to shop! Hope your show was great!

  8. Excellent pics! Elkhorn is our favorite market near Chicago. If you are looking for'll find it at Elkhorn! Thanks for including pics of our booth. Your Kane booth looked AMAZING!!! We need to get some tips from you! Thanks!

  9. Mark - stumbled across your blog googling for info on the early preview at Elk Horn, do you know the details? This will be the first weekend I may be able to get out there for it.

    And funny, I looked the chandelier with the pink glass at the June market as well!

  10. Where is the elkhorn flea? I may have to visit your beautiful state just to go to this wonderful flea market! Gosh! I want a little of everything and that too! karen:)