Saturday, June 11, 2011

3 French Hens.....

3 French Hens 

It turned out to be a very nice day some dark clouds but the weather held up! 
Tracy, Monica, Rose and I shared a booth together. 

There where many different dealers caring all different kids of things....

OMG the bake goods where amazing! Every time Tracy looked at me I 
had something different! 

Hey, Diet starts Monday!!! 

Tracey, Jennifer and Traci came out to take some amazing photos too blog about! 
Also Polly came out from the French Cupboard!!!
It was really nice seeing them after Na Da farm!

Just this week Tracy from Whimsy's got a call from
Romantic Homes and Romantic Country
 that they want to do an article on the market!

It will be out this fall.

Take a look at the market below....


Sorry for some reason I cant get my photos to flip, but I want to
get them out there so you can see how nice the market was!



  1. Hi Mark - do you know if the booth that had those really cool t-shirts with the script and clocks on the front have an on-line store?

  2. wow, what a fun lookin' place!

  3. Mark,
    I am still having trouble with blogger turning my pics. they are right side up in my photo program, but often sideways when loaded to blogger. so frustrating!!