Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Extra Extra!

I have some very exciting news!!!

My dreams are coming true! 

I feel like Ive came a long way in life and ready for a new adventure, 

Im finally going to get to stand out and have a place of my own!

Check out the new home for Room 363! 

1400 square feet to transform! 

Yep right in the heart of downtown Naperville! 

I can't wait next week and start renovating!  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Planns

Jewels IThe Garden”
 Presented by
The Gilded JunqueYard
June 21 4pm-9pm
June 22 & 23 10am-4pm
20217 Kishwaukee Valley Rd. Marengo IL
We thought since The Woodstock garden Walk
will be going on from 1-7pm on Thursday June 21,
that this called for a BFF Itinerary...
...so as to take advantage
of a WHOLE DAY with the girlfriends!
I mean....
More Shopping....A Garden Walk!!!
A Gilded JunqueYard Summer Event!!!!!
{seriously!! do you have enough room in your car?!!}
10am...Start Shopping!
The Gilded JunqueYard Space 429
Be sure to shop BOTH of our spaces
UpStairs & DownStairs
head on up to the Woodstock Square
But not before checking our link
for  shopping and lunch suggestions
The Woodstock Garden Walk Begins
{info HERE}
*special discount* for garden walk tickets...all weekend!
“Jewels In The Garden”
Vintage Artisan Jewelry
Decadent Re-Purposed
Eclectic Yard Junque
refreshments and Treats!
Of Course, if you can’t make the Thursday Event, 
there are two more days 
to make good on your Junque Fix!
Friday June 22 10-4
Saturday June 23 10-4

Follow us on FaceBook for Pictures and Updates
PLEASE NOTE: cash/check only

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Painted Lady

A must store to stop at in the city!

Beth has moved her Grand location 
store across the street into an amazing space! 

It's much larger and has a huge variety!

I love the painted lady because, I can always find what I'm looking for for a client and her prices are great!
Her upholster furniture is much cheeper the the big box stores! 
Also your not paying city prices here! 

Beth and her staff are very helpful, and will work with you on creating a pice to fit your needs! 

Thank you Beth for letting me share your amazing store and being my number one customer! 


Here a little info on the stores: 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Come and Go

It felt like yesterday the Tessone Family and I did the 
the flea market in May! 

I swear it comes around the corner fast! 
Where dose the time go? 

Traci and I really pulled out all the stops this weekend!
We never have a set plan with what where doing or packing.

But every month it always just fits right together! 

My bed looked great with her  dad's amazing find.

This Vintage Vanity and Dresser! 

They sold right away! 

Its a lot of fun spending the weekend every month with a 
great family and friends. 
I don't know how I could do it without them! 
Thank you guys for everything and putting up 
with my crabby self this weekend! 
Which I still cant get out of! :) 


Happy retirement Tony! 


If you see this guy with any plumbing tools in his hands get him! 
He's now a master furniture seeker and painter! 
No more kitchen sinks for him!