Monday, June 4, 2012

Come and Go

It felt like yesterday the Tessone Family and I did the 
the flea market in May! 

I swear it comes around the corner fast! 
Where dose the time go? 

Traci and I really pulled out all the stops this weekend!
We never have a set plan with what where doing or packing.

But every month it always just fits right together! 

My bed looked great with her  dad's amazing find.

This Vintage Vanity and Dresser! 

They sold right away! 

Its a lot of fun spending the weekend every month with a 
great family and friends. 
I don't know how I could do it without them! 
Thank you guys for everything and putting up 
with my crabby self this weekend! 
Which I still cant get out of! :) 


Happy retirement Tony! 


If you see this guy with any plumbing tools in his hands get him! 
He's now a master furniture seeker and painter! 
No more kitchen sinks for him! 




  1. I'd like to swoop down into your stall and grab it all! LOL Your displays are gorgeous!

  2. do you guys put that all together so would take me days. Great job! I'm surprised your awesome bed didn't sell at the last show you did, but it sure looked good in the booth for his show! I hope to get back to Kane soon.

  3. Always love your pictures! Wish these things were for sale a little bit closer to my home...