Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Extra Extra!

I have some very exciting news!!!

My dreams are coming true! 

I feel like Ive came a long way in life and ready for a new adventure, 

Im finally going to get to stand out and have a place of my own!

Check out the new home for Room 363! 

1400 square feet to transform! 

Yep right in the heart of downtown Naperville! 

I can't wait next week and start renovating!  


  1. Way to go! Charming. Will be even more charming when you get your hands on it. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see inside.

  2. hooray! :D this is quite charming one. congrats! i love the door and the plants near it.
    have a nice day!

  3. That is exciting .... of course we will need pictures of the progress ... I know with you talent in design and wonderful style you will make it truly yours...

  4. So exciting! I recently started following your blog after going to Three French Hens Market. I live downtown Naperville, and we really could use a shop like that! So excited, can't wait until you're open!
    Nicole Bielis

  5. Congratulations!! I can't wait to see pictures of the transformation. If I lived closer, I would definitely pay your shop a visit.

  6. WOW MARK !! Looks like a Perfect Fit for your STYLE . . . Looks very COTTAGEY !!! We're Jealous ! Best of Luck . . . TAKE CARE, JOE & GLENN

  7. GREAT POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I want to follow, do you have twitter??

    If you want some Swedish décor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  8. Nice place. This is really fit for you! Congrats! :)
    condo in philippines

  9. looks like the perfect spot...congratulations!!

  10. How quaint!! Very happy for you Mark!! Where and when may we come see?? Diana

  11. What fun you'll have with a shop of your own; congrats!


  12. Naperville is definitely going to be added to my BFF Fieldtrips agenda now that you're AWESOME store will be an "anchor" there!!! Hopefully it fits into my schedule to come down to give you a hand in the scrubbin' and a buffin'.....i take orders well and make a good laborer, so just ask!

  13. Mark I am very excited for you. It will be so so nice when you put it all together. Good Luck I can't wait to shop there!!!!!

  14. Congratulations!
    Just found your blog, anxious to follow along!

  15. Nice! Congratulations. Can't wait to see what you do with the place.