Sunday, July 8, 2012

OK I will bend a little! Here a sneak peak!

Grand Opening of 
Room 363

Aug 16th 5pm 


232 s Washington St Naperville IL 


Here is a little Sneak Peek of the inside! 

I have 7 amazing rooms getting loaded with stuff! 

I will be offering Home accents, Men and Women's clothing and accessories, 
Upholstered couches and chairs.
Vintage furniture  

Amazing artiest will have there things spread throughout the store.

So there you have it! 
A little Sneak Peek! 

Please stop by for the open house!


  1. This looks very good!!!
    i wish all the best for this shop.
    this is definitely that kind of shop that i would love to shop!
    if i ever visit this place i will keep this mind :)

  2. looking forward to seeing the shop, Mark!
    I love to do photography of interiors and shops, so if you need anyone to ever take photos of your shop for anything you might need them for, let me know, i'm always looking to build up my portfolio...

  3. I've "MARK-ed" my Calendar!*!*!
    Can't wait...
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  4. Looks GREAT Mark!! You know I'm coming early to shop:)

  5. Oh wow! It's going to be so good!

  6. Will you be having regular hours or is this an occasional opening?

  7. The store looks stunning, can't wait to see it! Congratulations, you'll be the best store in Naperville!

  8. Looks awesome so far so I'm sure the rest will be fabulous. GOOD LUCK!