Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last weekend was the Grayslake Flea! 

There was so such cool spring merchandise!
There are truly great vendors there and spend a great time 
finding these great vintage items. 

The displays where awesome! 
I just wish Kane county would let us set up the night before too... 

Meet some of the vendors: 

Lemongrass Designs

Suzi Fabulous

Mark McKee
Always has the best stuff!!! 
(trading Place Antique Mall, Booth 144
Shipshewana In)

Great Vintage Lighting! 

Neal & Diane 
Cabinets made out of reclaimed items

Shannon Vance

Diane Landry

All my Musings

Chippy Shabby

Joe and Sandy 

Diane Possy 


  1. First if there was a prize for best and most pictures you win hands down. Second your blog always inspires me. Good job.

  2. THANKS for the **MiLLioN & ONE - FaB Pics Mark... There was a lot I didn't SEE...
    I did some GOOD BUYING & SELLING...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  3. oh my! so many pretty treats i saw in your photo's ~ makes me look forward to the season of flea markets here! xoxo

  4. WOw! Look at all the cool items! This certainly must have been a huge place! What a way to spend the day or days!

  5. oh how i miss a well done flea!!! what a wonderful tour! i caught myself making happy noises throught out the whole tour. i live life spinning around on a color wheel so the first shots with the pops of green tables were love at first sight! then the reds, love the red! the designers with the plants were wonderful! nice displays. thank you for sharing all the pictures! i really enjoy your blog.

  6. Too many cool items! I hope to get away in April with the hubby so we can shop and find hopefully a place like this in the Texas Hill Country
    Thanks for all the eye candy.

  7. Hey, Mark! Ab Fab pictures of our booth. Thanks for your time & effort, you made us look great!

  8. What a treat to see all of the awesome booths. Such inspiration. Wish I lived closer.

    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. Look forward to more.

  9. OMG Those were amazing booths! I wish I had known about that , I don't live far. Now I have Grayslake and Elkhorn to visit! So glad I found your site!