Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Merra Lee Remodel almost DONE!

It started off as a crazy week but its finally coming along! 
The colors on the walls came out great.

My favorite thing I found in the attic of one of the Merra Lee store's 
was four vintage disco balls......

I have been meeting some really great people with this 
job that I have taken on. Next week should 
be the last week with the store renovation. 

Below are some photo's..... 

In my spare time..... Ya I wish I had spare time.....
 I started adding spring to 
the Denim loft.. Take  a look at the gazebo I just put up.  I have had this gazebo since 
I was 12.   It was set up in my grandmas back yard for years then in storage. 
I'm really happy that I get to have it set up in the store. 

I will be selling at Kane County next weekend!