Monday, March 7, 2011

Kane County Flea Market!

Flea Market this weekend....

It was a great show!
My freind Janice and I shared 
a booth together. We where really lucky 
the people next to us never showed up!!!
We where able to really spread out! 

 In a matter of an hour we had 
sold a ton of stuff! 
I think people really had cabin fever!

Janice's chairs sold right away! 
The lady was only going to bye one,
but Janice used her good flea market skills 
and sujested your really going to wish later you had
the pair! SOLD!

My favorite display almost 
Sold out right away! 
The Chippy door Janice had really 
made it pull together!

Enjoy the rest of the photos!

Later this week I will be posting the finninshing photos 
of the Merra Lee store


  1. You're right... By the time I got to your booth it was looking well cleaned out!!! I missed out on that Ornate White Iron Hanging lamp... Glad you had good SaLes!!!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Thank you for following my blog Mark. Your booth looks amazing...totally understand why you did so well. Great stuff!

  3. hey glad to see you have a blog now! LOVE your work and displays...i'm going to add you to my FAVS bar so i can keep up with all your great ideas and 'stalk' you at your shows haha
    hey do you still have those cute metal flowers inside the vintage sp shaker? My friend bought one from you in Jan at Grays and i'm always *coveting* it when i see it on her windowsill. Don't know how i missed those that day. They are SO cool! Let me know if you make more.

  4. Mark your booth looks amazing!! Glad we are sharing next month!!

  5. Hi Mark, I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING your blog!!!! So glad that you found me, so that I could find you. I am your latest follower. This flea market looks wonderful. I am sitting here drooling over what I am seeing. Going to check out more of your blog. I love your style.