Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to do with all these patterns?!?!?

I recently purchased a bunch 
of vintage clothing patterns... 
The papers look so cool! I was trying 
to think what would the best way to really 
show them off???
Then it hit me! 
Cover a dressing room wall with it!!!
But then wait..... I had soooooo much more left......
Then it came to me!
Cover the big boring wall in the shop! 
Now it really looks cool and makes a 
Enjoy the photos!  


  1. I really love this! What a cool idea!

  2. It was very nice meeting you this weekend! See you at Nada!

  3. Whenever I visit Geneva "The Denim Loft" is a must stop...I don't even know if I have purchased anything because I am so mesmerized by the displays!! Amazing! So glad I have found your blog! Kathy

  4. I love it!! I use it to wrap my etsy sales in, but you have inspired me to take it to a whole new level! Gorgeous! xoxo

  5. love it! it's design, and pattern, but not. Just enough to be interesting, but still able to display anything on it.

    yes, I am still looking around. Can you believe it??

    barbara jean