Monday, May 16, 2011

Im getting nervous.......

Na-Da farm in just three days!!!

The planning the display the Creations!!!! 

Weekend cap:

Tracy from Whimsy and I went Sunday to a flea market in Bloomington IL,

Man was that far!!!

It was Elkhorn weekend and my heart was in to
go but there weather was going to be nasty been there and done that!!

So Tracy and I went to 3rd Sunday market in Bloomington.

Weather odds looked better there so that's where we headed too.

OMG the stuff I got there and there prices where amazing...


 Now its time to get prepared for na-da farm.

The chandeliers are cleaned up, 

the projects are getting sent off tonight to get the finishing touches. 

Now time to decide what to bring??

Picked up some really cool furniture last week,
got a great vintage bed! 

The display ideas keep rolling in my head! 

This is going to be my favorite show this year! 

Please stop out this weekend to the event!

Anne really out done herself, she has a lot 
of stuff going on and amazing vendors will 
be there!

This show will be like the one you always read about out in blog land! 

I will try later this week to post some pick of more that I'm bringing!


  1. Nerves are part of the creative process. (LOL) Don't worry, you guys are awesome. I know your display will be fantastic!

  2. coooool treasures!!

    Hope all goes well for you

    barbara jean

  3. back to work mister!!

    joking aside...super excited to tell you something.....

  4. I know your display will be fabulous and I sure wish I was able to attend this event! You found some wonderful things, I love the midwest! Maybe next year I'll be so lucky to attend this event! I am sharing this on our facebook wall, good luck to both of you, I know you will do great and sell out I am sure!