Monday, August 15, 2011

If I had a million dollars

This Sunday was the Elkhorn Flea Market 

There are just so many thing to see its kinda hard to take it all in!

SOOOOOOO many Industrial items!!!! 

 I wanted him so bad!!!!

 Love Vintage cow prints! This one almost came home with me!!

Check out all the fun things this industrial guy holds!!!! 

 Thew cream oil can came home with me!

The dealers here are the nicest people. 

Some of the great  people I met are:

B&B's Nest


Lilac Lane Boutique


Gracie's Cottage 



Martha Layton Smith 

Opendoor Studio Antiques and Art 

Check out these amazing photos I had taken! 

Thanks for stopping!



  1. OMG! Thanks for the incredible tour Mark. Great shots! One Million? Hmmmmm, sounds about right.

  2. my favs: the blue metal desk w/ casters, the mesh locker, white metal outdoor chairs, metal stools

    what great looking stuff!

  3. Wow! What a recap! Great pics! Elkhorn is the best. We are honored to have some of our stuff in your mix. We actually purchased some of the things in your pics....Julie bought one of those AWSOME thick metal letters and we got some pop crates, glass bottles, and ironstone platters that were in your pics too. Susan over at bought that shabby old insurance sign. So fun! Can't wait till the September show!! The fall is the best time to flea!
    Anne- Tattered Tiques

  4. wow, i saw many things i would have snagged but the gone shopping sign with a phone number is my favorite! great idea when you just gotta go look around.



  5. Oh mark, how you tease me!
    I love that little blue rusty car.
    Yep, a million dollars!

  6. 'twas great to see you again Mark! Love all the pics but s little heartbreaking to see all the goodies we missed out on. :)


  7. I'm honored to be included in your photo recap of Elkhorn. If only I had been able to get out and see it all in person and buy a few of those treaures. Margaret from Lady Libertys Treasure Chest

  8. Great pics!! What a flea market this must have been! Especially since I saw a flatbed with a big trailer on it pulled by a huge semi! Now that's someone who is truly a flea market junkie!

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  10. Mark! I thank you for including me here and a shout-out on your blog too! You were a Godsend! My camera died and how thrilled I was to see you snapping photos of my booth! YEAH!. why wasn't I shopping!? You captured some things I would have loved, the locker baskets, the large metal letters... the industrial desk with the metal drawers, the list goes on... love the chicken wire cloche on the birdbath! so much creative energy!!
    thanks again so much

  11. I'm sooooo missing the midwest right now. Always the best flea markets EVER! Sea Witch

  12. Bummed I missed it again.....
    I want it all!!!

  13. I was considering setting up there next month but now I think I just want to go and shop! =) Thanks for sharing all the great stuff!

    Blessings... Polly