Monday, February 13, 2012

The Vintage Nest

Yesterday I went out to 
Glenview to help my friend 
change up her store and add room for 
her new large clothing line she now carries... 

My favorite thing in the store is the couch! 

If your looking to update yours I would recommend 
checking it out!

Here a bio of Mindy and here store: 

Vintage Nest began with my passion for scouring the antique markets on weekends for that unusual find - - the thrill of the hunt! Along the way I realized that I wanted to spend more and more time re-purposing my finds and expressing my inner desire to be creative. 
By early 2006 I had accumulated well over two storage units full of furniture and home accessories from my antique explorations. Not to mention that we could no longer park our 2 cars in the garage because this too was overflowing with my finds. 
Having spent over 20 years in the advertising business and no longer being challenged by my job I decided to incorporate my passion for vintage inspired furnishings into my everyday life by establishing Vintage Nest. Vintage Nest gives me the opportunity to share my passion with others who enjoy decorating their homes with elegant, time-worn pieces.
A mother of two small children with a growing volunteer schedule I knew Vintage Nest would have to satisfy my need to explore my dream as well as maintain a balanced home life. 
Therefore, Vintage Nest only opens its doors to the public one weekend per month.Customers are notified by postcard of upcoming sales as well as email announcements.
Vintage: classic, mature, rare, time-honored, enduring, superior

Nest: a place affording snug refuge or lodging; a home

Vintage Nest
1891 Tower Drive
Glenview, IL  60026

Stop and check it out when your in town! 



  1. Beautiful store. Lovely things!

  2. You are right, that couch is sweet!!!!! Shopping in the Vintage Nest could be an all day outing for me. Love it! Blessings! Love your photography!

  3. What a lovely shop!

    I would like to visit it and buy a few things!!!!

    ♥ Franka

  4. "Ciao" Mark and Thank you for you visit and for your nice comment. You are very welcome. I'm exploring your blog and your photos are really amazing! Compliments for your creativity. Hugs.

  5. Mark, I love the shop, and the photos are awesome

  6. Thanks for all your help yesterday! The photos look great and we sold lots of clothes today!

  7. Great photos Mark. I feel terrible that I haven't made it out to see Mindy's new store. It's on my list of things to do. I knew you would give it that extra something. I'm so glad she has a bigger space now.

  8. Great photos and great shopping experience. It wil be worth a trip from northern California to shop at Vintage Nest.

  9. Wow Mark! Love your style! We have very similar tastes. I actually merchandised for a shop similar to this one for 3 years and it was my passion! Love all the vignettes! Great photographs yourself! Nice to meet you.
    Tracy G.

  10. OOOHHH, such gorgeous eye candy, Mark!

    That store is scrumptuous!

    I am *espeically* fond of those cute little birdie out of printed paper, I may need you to tell me about them............and those pouffy paper flowers are so cute!

    The rest is just bliss!

    Thanks for visiting, it helped me find YOU!

  11. Grazie per essere passato dal mio blog...complimenti per gli arredi e il buon gusto...tutti bellissimi oggetti...non saprei quale scegliere...ciao a presto!!