Thursday, April 26, 2012

Round two! Vintage Sale

Vintage Sale

I will be having another sale this weekend! 

Last week went so good, I decided to get more out!
There also will be a few more people adding things! 

512 Fargo Geneva IL 


Fri and Sat 


  1. HI Mark! I hope your weekend sale went well and that the weather was good. We were rained out of our weekend plans.
    I see that you got a new truck...yay! does this mean you are interested in doing the event in Tipton? Tomorrow is the cutoff and then I allow people on my waiting and see list a chance at the spaces. Please let me know today if there is a chance you would like to be a participant.
    Have a great week!
    Donna Jenkins

  2. That must've been quite a busy weekend, too bad I missed it. Was that car part of the sale? It would be very lovely for used cars derby as a good addition.