Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whats New? Holiday and Kids!

There is no shortage of glitter, sparkles, bows and garland in Room 363 in preparation for the holiday season.  In fact, I don't think I've seen Mark once in the last two weeks when he didn't have at least a small amount of glitter stuck to his face.  It's all been worth it though, because he's created quite the winter wonderland!

A favorite item in the shop for customers is the vintage (or vintage-like) sleighs Mark transforms with burlap ribbon, ornaments, sprigs of greenery and ice skates.  If you have your own sleigh at home, bring it in and let Mark make it spectacular! They are beautiful displayed by a front door or fireplace.

Browse the store to get great ideas for decorating your tree this year.  You'll find the trees tend to lean toward the monochromatic with varied shapes and textures to keep it interesting. Don't forget to throw in those handmade ornaments from your kids that make your tree unique to your family. 

Weave your way through the holiday decor and you'll find yourself in a new and growing section within Room 363;  which is, the adorable kids room! You'll find furniture pieces that fit perfectly in a child's space, picture frames, artwork, blankets, clothing, accessories and unique gift ideas. 

Room 363 focuses on supporting and promoting local small business owners who make well-crafted, handmade products.  The items in the kids room are no exception. Local children's clothing designer, Hazel Brown Designs, is a perfect match with the vintage feel of her clothes and a focus on detail and quality.  Her clothing is beautiful enough for family photos and holiday celebrations, without sacrificing comfort.  As any parent knows, it doesn't matter how beautiful something is on the hanger, if it's not comfortable it'll remain on the hanger.

If you have a baby shower, child's birthday or are looking to add something special to an existing room for your child, come in and talk to Mark. He always has ideas on how to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

We'll keep you updated as more holiday decorations and children's items arrive in the store in the coming weeks.  Check the Room 363 Facebook page for frequent updates.

When you stop into the store, be sure to sneak a peek behind the counter and say "Hello!" to sweet Ella!  A big THANK YOU! to Alicia from Alicia's Photography for the beautiful pictures!


  1. Hi Mark,
    Love the picture of Ella!!!! Super Cute. See you Friday at the Holiday Market. I can't wait.

  2. Wow look at all that Glitter and sparkle. Ella looks so cute but I'm not so sure she's excited. lol