Sunday, February 24, 2013

Exciting New Arrivals and Projects

I'm very excited to show you the newest addition to Room 363.  Drapes!  The colors and textures are fabulous and the quality of fabric is excellent.  You must check these out next time you're in the store.

Beautiful reconditioned love seat, Bulldog pillows, vintage-inspired man bags and cool animal heads are just a few new items you'll see when visiting the store.  Let me tell you, the picture does not do this love seat justice.  It is a fantastic piece.  It would be so cool at the end of a bed as place to sit down to put on shoes or cozy up with a fantastic book.

I had to zoom in on the "Nourish Your Soul" pillow for you, too.  Isn't it great?  The colors are so vivid and pretty.

Mark has also brought in some new really talented local jewelry designers to showcase.  The pieces are so unique, no worries about showing up wearing the same thing as your girlfriends. 

Not only is Mark constantly stocking his shop with unique furniture, jewelry, clothes and accessories, he's also working on set designs with Alicia's Photography.  He recently designed a set for her Valentine's Day mini sessions that he also used to shoot pictures for Room 363 marketing materials. Here's a quick peek from the shoot.

Things got a little dirty on set when Alicia brought out a HUGE cupcake for sweet little Elsa.  The adorable pink jumper and CAKE banner is from Room 363.  I could probably lose weight a little faster if I'd be willing to sit on my cupcakes instead of eating them.  You might be on to something here, Elsa!

Mark and Alicia have another collaboration coming up very soon that I can't wait to share with you - one that you can be a part of.  Look for another post soon with details!

Have a great week!



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