Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patty's Day and Project Pics

The luck of the Irish is upon you at Room 363, where you'll enjoy 20% off anything GREEN, all weekend - and there's enough green in the shop to excite even the grumpiest of leprechauns!  Take a peak at some of the shop's emerald treasures:

Most people have no trouble recognizing a cool piece - interesting chairs, sofas and tables or unique accessories - but sometimes it's hard to envision those items in your own space. The way Room 363 is arranged helps customers get ideas on how to put these items to use, sometimes in nontraditional ways.  How cool is the concrete bench repurposed as a coffee table?  It's the perfect answer for a small space where you'd still like a spot to prop up your feet or set down your hot toddy.  The layering of trunks at the end of the bed could help with any shortage of storage, giving you space to store blankets or extra bedding. 

Although it may seem as though Mark spends his every waking hour at the shop, he does get out to beautify the homes of his customers.  He recently worked on this playroom for two lucky princesses.  He provided them a cork board to add their own touches to the room, as well as spaces to study and host their friends in style.  

Mother Nature, and her delivery of a steady March snowfall, provided Mark the perfect opportunity to close up shop and focus on his new-ish digs in Naperville.  His snow day was spent cozying up his guest room.  Although, it looks like Ella has already staked her claim on the space - guests may find themselves on the sofa.

Or, maybe she was just there to get ideas for the renovations she's started in Mark's house. 

I'm no inspector, but that electric does NOT look up to code, Ella.  

Enjoy your Saint Patrick's Day weekend with friends, family and maybe just a little bit of green beer! 



  1. Everything in the shop beautiful as ever and little Ella so stinkin cute!!!!!! I love the makeover of the princess's playroom. I wish I had a playroom like that growing up. Mark you are so talented and always love just seeing the vignettes throughout the shop.

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