Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where have I been???

Where have I been you asked?

Traci and I had set up a really great wedding
a few weeks ago at the Peabody estate...

Right after that LIKE three hours of completeing at 3am I headed
on a plan to Vegas for work!

Talk about tired once I got home! 

The first steps off the plane I get a tex message
from a client wanting me to help set up her parents 50th
wedding anniversary!

OMG I did not know how much I took on!

I had to make 10 fresh arrangements for the
first time in my LIFE!
I think they turned out pretty good!

In the mist of all this im Helping my friend Mindy with the Vintage Nest
open up her new store in Glenview....
Her store is turning out really cool it's going to be a must stop
and shop!

With Kane county approaching That Started TODAY!!!! That I was totally not ready for..

I Picked up my house Wednesday night and moved to
St Charles!

It took me from Wed night at 8pm to Thur 5am to be totally
done at the old place!

Living in Hampshire was not practical for me..
All my clients are around the area and now I can have a little more of a life!
And less time in the car!
Let me tell you having a washer and dryer Central air is a must now!!

I love my new place it a nice condo with hardwood floors, and
everything updated!

Cant wait to start setting it up
and show photos of my house for once!



  1. Amazing Mark! You looked so chipper today after all that craziness. The wedding looked great, and your arrangements are beautiful.

  2. wow, i can hardly catch my breath just reading that! glad you are in a better place. so creative and talented you are!



  3. Whoa Mark...made me tired just reading this! Your florals are amazing. (I can't wait to visit Mindy's new space and see what you guys have come up with there - maybe after Junk Bonanza.)

    Get some rest!


  4. Great wedding! Do you ever get any rest?

  5. that wedding was so well done Mark - I saw pictures on Traci's blog - you two really make quite an exceptional team

    I thought your space looked original (as always) and inspirational -

    we started out in Burlington, but quickly moved from there as well...I know how you feel...
    can't wait to see how you pull your home together!

    Anne Marie
    -great to see you yesterday - brief as it was

  6. ConGraTuLaTions on your "new home"... AND - Do take some time to re-group!!! Good to see you and chat for a bit on Saturday...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!