Monday, May 21, 2012

Elkhorn Flea Market

Over the weekend was.... 

Elkhorn flea market!

I normally do not like to sell there because it so hard to stay in the booth! 
But I have a few shows coming up that I really want to 
get cool merchandise for so it was out with the old and in with the new! 

I set up with my two friends Denice and Janice! 
Check out my part of the booth! 
I sold almost everything!!! 

Thanks for stopping! 



  1. Your booth looked great, Mark. Hope you found some cool stuff as well.

  2. Very neat! I love that vintage blossom-backed chair. It looked like it was in pretty good shape and would look even better on my deck! Lovely displays.

  3. very nice items. that bed is gorgeous!

  4. Have always wanted to shop Elkhorn. Hopefully I can make it there this this summer. Maybe you can be my tour guide. Can't wait to see your new found treasures.

  5. You have a keen eye for setting up. It looked fabulous, and I love the bed too. Bet it was a great day!

    the French Hutch

  6. Great booth with lots of nice things. It doesn't surprise me that you sold nearly everything! I bet that headboard was one of the first things to go! is a beauty!

  7. Wow Mark! Fab as always!! Love the special touch, see ya soon.................. Dee Marie