Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best Gift Ever!

One Of my fellow bloggers
that started following me when I first started blogging 
came across this vintage Ear tag! 

The 363 in my business name means a
lot to me. It was my grandmothers home address. 
It was her first home she owned, and my first true home 
I felt safe in. 
My grandmother found me when I was 7 years old took me inn.
 My mother could never could stay in one place. We where always 
on the run and lived in a car most of the time. 

My grandmother made me the guy I am today, and If it was not for her I don't 
know where I would be today!

Thanks again Theresa it really means a lot!

Check out Theresa  amazing blog! 

Love Mark


  1. What a wonderful gift, Mark! I will check out her blog.

  2. Well, no wonder that number means a lot to you! What an incredible story. Such a thoughtful gift from Theresa :)

  3. I remember when I first read your story, I was so moved by it. All we can hope for is to touch someone like your grandmother did.

  4. I love that!

    (Cheers to your grandma!)

  5. Mark...that is so super nice of Teresa...she is so sweet

    Did your Grandmother collect antiques? did she get you interested in that area of life?

  6. I love cool of Teresa to get that one to you!


  7. That is a sweet little story.... tear.

  8. I love hearing stories like that. I ran a rescue mission for many years.
    I saw so many people who did not have any place to go (especiall children). I thank God for Wonderful Grandparents who are willing to start over in life as parents so that children can start over in life......... I am glad you shared about 363. I Was curious about that. You just never know what others have gone through. Blessings!

  9. I loved reading about your story. Super nice of her to send the tag to you! I just got done reading a true story called "An Invisible Thread", and it was about a little boy with an uncertain future, then I read about your story. Very inspiring!

  10. Thank goodness for your Grandmother! That is a very touching story..thanks for sharing. Yay 363! XX ~Deanna

  11. I read your story and I was so moved by it. No wonder that number means a lot to you! I will check out your grandmothers blog.

    Greetings Esther

  12. What an amazing story,you have alot of talent then of course you have learned from one of the best TOT is an incrediably talented woman with an ability to display a room like no one else can,I have followed her blog for a long time now I will add yours Good Luck in all you do

  13. That is such a great back story to your blog name. What a wonderful woman your grandmother must have been. This tag will be treasured. I'm off to check out your friends blog.

  14. Mark,

    What a great story. Salud to your grandma. What a small grandparents are from Geneva. My (step)mom grew up there. Such a special place! I just found your blog this morning and am glad I did.


  15. awh! what a sweet story! glad you like it!

  16. How Sweet of ToT... ***363***
    AND... YOU turned out to be such an AmAziNg Person!!! Grandma would have been proud...
    Sooooo honored to call you "My Friend"...
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

  17. First time stopping by, and not only am I pleased to find a male blogger (you just don't come across many), I am touched by what you wrote. Sounds like she was very special to you!

  18. Mark,
    Your grandmother sounds like an amazing lady. What a special post-it brings tears to my eyes.

  19. What a sweet bloggy friend you have! Your grandmother was a very special woman in your life! I think it is awesome that you use her address :o)

  20. wonder you love those numbers...what a touching story! All the best,Chrissy

  21. THANK Heavens for Grandmothers & LOVELY Blog Friends.....Mind.... Theresa is just about as SWEET as they come....!!!!!

  22. I am glad you shared about 363. I Was curious about that, Send gifts to Pakistan from UK.

  23. I read the story of room 363. I feel you are more attach with your grandmother than your mom. I also more attach with my grandmother. These relations are very important in our life. Thanks for sharing your story.