Monday, January 2, 2012

Kentucky Derby

Let the races begin! 
This past weekend My client and I went shopping 
for something to go up her stair case. 

We been looking all over for a horse print to blow up. 

We came across 12 vintage Kentucky Derby
winners prints!

Happy New year 



  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog and becoming a follower. I too have been working with a client and trying to find something to go up her staircase. Your vintage horse pics are fantastic and magazine worthy.

  2. I LOVE this look, Mark...not something you see every day! Thanks for stopping by and following~ I'm a new follower and following your Pinterest, too!

  3. Hi Mark! What a lucky find!Those horse prints are gorgeous! Thank you for providing your blog name in the comment you left on mine. I am now a follower and looking forward to reading more! Love the pic of your grandfather and his dog! Take care, Leena from pinkcherubmoon

  4. Hi Mark, those prints look fantastic by the stairs! I am looking forward to following your adventures in design this year! I have just taken some pictures of some amazing tropical styled villas in Bali, which I am looking forward to sharing them very soon! Outdoor bathrooms to die for! Happy new year! X

  5. Hi Mark!
    I also love horse prints so Beautiful!!I would love to go some time to the Kentucky Derby.. Im your newest follower on your Blog now. If you like Tablescapes maybe you would like to come on over to my Blog.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2012 New Year.
    XXOO Diane

  6. This is a stunning display! I'm not a horse person myself, but a good friend of mine is. When I was making a journal for her, I looked for classic horse images and fell in love with the pure beauty and elegance of horses. I love your style and would enjoy stopping by if I'm ever in Geneva. My husband's parents are in Moline. Thanks for visiting and following. I'm following back and am also following your Pinterest.

  7. and I am now your newest follower!! Love everything!!

  8. I saw a comment at villabranes and had to come visit...glad I the horses!

  9. Mark,
    What a fabulous find!!!!
    The vintage horse prints make a stunning display.
    As an avid collector and flea market shopper I know you were overjoyed when you found these. You just "know" when you find the perfect piece(s).
    Great job!

  10. That is tremendous!! A nice idea I may have to run by my wife!! Now, to think of a great theme and hit some shops around town!

  11. WOW!!! Gorgeous work, Mark!!! Thanks for following my blog, I´m actually exploring yours and enjoying... Go on sharing such beautiful posts.

  12. These are truly handsome and sophisticated. They suit everyone's taste! andrea@townandprairie

  13. Thanks for visiting ~ those pics are awesome

  14. These are awesome Mark!
    Oh how I wish they were
    hanging in my house!
    So handsome!

  15. Seriously, what a great find. Those are fab!

  16. Wow, wish I had the eye to turn something simple into something so elegant!