Sunday, January 22, 2012

Merchandise Mart

Today I went to the Merchandise Mart 
to check out the the newest things out there! 

Industrial is pretty hot! 

Check out this line, 

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Cow Hide Dog Bed!! 

From a few other show rooms..... 



  1. I like those heads...they would look good with a zinc crown on top!

    Cool stuff...


  2. Nice inspiration Mark. Thanks for the tour.

  3. I just posted about dreaming in tuft earlier, this is perfect timing:) I love it, goes without saying. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures.

  4. This place is cool! We don't have anything like that up here in Northern Ontario, but I can dream. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mark Oie! Always wonderful post ... I want that blue chair for me ... she's perfect!
    In fact your posts are all fabulous ... table with one piece of timber ... lindaaa ... and the whale Moby Dick, when I want to buy one there for me!

  6. Hi Mark! First time visitors,so happy we stopped in! Always loved the Merchandise Marts, loved going to Chicago & NY. Years ago I owned a couple home & garden designing and into vintage. Loved the tour!We're your newest followers!!

    xox Glad & Cel

  7. i love your style, thanks for stopping by my blog pretty in paint and following me, im now following you :)

  8. Hi Mark, A great place to visit for inspiration, I could spend serious time here! I visited your home tour too. Great style in the living room and what a great idea for your headboard using the furniture pallet, I love the look……..Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'll be your latest follower………..

  9. Thanks for sharing Mark! A lot of inspiration in Your pictures...
    I wonder what did You get for Your home?...
    Stay well!

  10. A wonderful post and I love your pictures!

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Wow! Interesting place...I Love that glass top table with the tree branch base! Surprising, since I have fought against rustic decor for a while...and now am so drawn to it...which brings me to your the vintage fans...which I had several of those at one time...and got rid of them...I hate when that happens! Last but not least your headboard! Everyday when I leave work...I see pallets stacked out back...I have been thinking I need to grab those things...but just haven't...but you really have my mind thinking now!
    I appreciate every single person that stops by my blog...and THANK YOU for following! I like what I see, so as soon as I am done typing...I will be your newest follower!